Wednesday 06 April 2022

Capita Scaling Partner contender: emoquo

TIPP logoemoquo was one of just six UK tech scaleups shortlisted for the recent Capita Scaling Partner pitch event held in association with the TechMarketView Innovation Partner Programme. Contenders are vying for the opportunity for a transformative partnership with UK business systems leader, Capita.

emoquo logoTMV had the pleasure to meet Tim Aston and Jim Bailey, respectively CEO and CFO of the company, at Capita offices in London.

emoquo is a SaaS platform focused on emotional intelligence. The company co-creates, with strategic partners, digital coaching and analytics solutions to increase the engagement, wellbeing and performance of people in a working environment. The current solution set includes four products, geared towards team performance, sales performance, wellbeing and everyday workplace emotional intelligence, with the present focus being on team solutions that provide continuous self-managed support.

Despite an increased focus on employee mental health and wellbeing in recent years, disengagement continues to present a challenge to management, leading to lost productivity and employee churn. Traditional in-person coaching methods, whilst effective, are not scalable and are therefore often reserved for top-performing individuals or teams, risking further disenfranchisement amongst other employees.

emoquo's approach is to digitise the manual assessment processes used by traditional providers through a partnership arrangement, creating a bespoke digital coaching solution. Their business model is a subscription to co-create, followed by revenue share with the partner organisation. The resulting product, whilst bespoke to each partner, contains a core level of digital content, for example questions prompted based on previous responses. The company plans to build in greater intelligence and automation as the market evolves, as well as to start to quantify the RoI value of better performance and increased employee engagement to the end-user organisation.

With a recent study by Gallup estimating that 67% of the worldwide workforce is not engaged, which costs their employers the equivalent of 18% of their annual salaries, the prospective market for emoquo would appear to be sizeable. We will watch their progress with interest.

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